[sane-devel] Cannot connect to saned

Hauke Coltzau king_django@gmx.de
Mon, 29 Dec 2003 20:31:07 +0100

Hi Henning, hello group

Am Mo, 2003-12-29 um 17.45 schrieb Henning Meier-Geinitz:
> Hi,
> On Mon, Dec 29, 2003 at 05:26:37PM +0100, Hauke Coltzau wrote:
> > I'm trying to configure saned to access my HP PSC 2110 from
> > both clients in my network. I'm using YaST on S.u.S.E. 9.0
> > to configure the client. When typing in the IP address of my
> > sane server (, YaST tells my that no scanner was
> > found on this host.
> Better try without Yast. This way you know what you are doing :-)
ACK ;-)

> > On the other hand, the sane server itself seems to be fine,
> > since I can run scanimage -L on localhost and telnet to
> > port 6566 from both localhost and remote.
> So it doesn't look like a saned problem on first sight. What happens
> when you do: 
> scanimage -d net: -T

The client says that it is out of memory. It shouldn't be since
there's lots of free mem available. The same thing happens, if
I try scanimage -d net: -t on the server.
Can it be a bug?

> saned did exactly what you told him to do (probably "scanimage -L"?) :-)

I guess, that's exactly what YaST does, but it doesn't handle the
answer properly ...

> Does scanning work? I.e. id you start saned in debug mode on the
> server, does "scanimage -d net: >image.pnm" on the client
> scan something? If not, what's the error message?

As above, out of memory. Nothing more, nothing in /var/log/messages

> Has saned on the server the necessary permissions to access the scanner?

/dev/usbscanner is owned by root:saned and has rw-rw---- set. saned runs
as saned:saned. Is there anything I missed?