[sane-devel] Scanimage failure with HP ScanJet 7450C

TomF TomF@sjpc.org
Wed, 5 Feb 2003 15:29:06 -0800

I installed xsane-0.84-8.i386.rpm, xsane-gimp-0.84-8.i3
86.rpm, sane-backends-1.0.8-5 from the Redhat 8.0 CDs, and found SCSI
scanner "hp scanjet 7400c 0.8S" at device /dev/scanner for my HP
ScanJet 7450C, which is connected by USB.

A scanimage --test appears to have executed correctly.

When I execute scanimage -d avision:/dev/scanner --format tiff >
image2.tiff, it hangs at the end of scanning a page.  Eventually it
finishes, but the scanning light does not return to its home position,
and stays on for hours.  While it is in this state, executing the
scanimage command again produces an invalid parameter message.  I have
to power off to reset the scanner.  When I bring the system back up, I
can repeat the entire scenario.

The image2.tiff file is 30 MB.  When I open it with an image view a
completely black image is displayed.  The scanner works in Windows XP
without problems.

I found the following in

"ScanJet 5300C, 5370C, 7400C 7450C   These scanners are actually made by
Avision and use the Avision SCSI command set over the USB bus. While
work to get these scanners working with the Avision backend is under
progress, they do work with VueScan. Though not ideal for flatbed
scanning and does cost money it will enable you to use the scanner under

Is there anything else I should try before looking into VueScan?