[sane-devel] mac osx w/ epson backend status

Ricky Charlet rcharlet@speakeasy.net
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 22:53:11 -0800


	I cannot get sane to work in my environment (mac osx(Jaguar 
10.2.3/darwin Kernel 6.3), sane-backends-1.0.10, libusb-0.1.7 and an 
epson perfection 636 scanner.

	What happens is that (with either scanimage or xscan) the front end 
begins to 'talk' to the scanner but eventually (during pre-scan I think) 
fails to read data from the scanner after a timeout and quits.

	`scanimage -L` will succeed once, but then I must disconnect and 
reconnet the scanner to the USB chain before it will work again.

	There has been talk on the list of major Max OSX architectual issues 
related to forking needing review. But that does not seem to apply to my 
situation since the epson backend does not use fork.

	So what next?

	The system seems too daunting for me to grok. I cannot even diagnose if 
it is a sane-guts, sane-epson, or libusb issue. From the debug output, a 
libusb call (read_bulk) simply times out with no received data and the 
system gives up. I am willing to test suggestions if others have them. 
But I am rather stuck trying to think on my own what might be the problem.

	I hope to first get a definitive answer where this thread belongs, to 
sane-devl or to libusb-devel.

  o What reports of mac osx success with sane have been made?
  o What reports of success with the sane-epson backend with perfection 
6363 have been made?
  o What reports of success with libusb w/ mac osx have been made?

Ricky Charlet