[sane-devel] scanning 'semi-thick' slides in sane ?

wolfi wolfi_z@gmx.net
14 Feb 2003 05:52:30 +0100


I got an Epson 1660 Photo running on a stock SuSE 8.1 installation.
Everything is running fine, but one question is left open;
How can I scan 'semi-thick slides'?
There are two options for the focus: Directly on the glass (for naked
film) or 2.5mm above (for framed slides).
Of course, neither of them fit for a CS-slide (*) - this would require
half of the value, i.e. 1.25mm above glass.
Can this option be set using some config file? Or does it have to be
written in the source code?
As you can see, I got no real idea:-)
Currently, I am opening the frames and using the 'zero distance' option
on the naked film ...
Has someone got a better idea? *hope so*

Cheers .... Wolfi

Linux ... the better OS!

(*)that means Compact and Safe, these slides began being sold
   (in .de) in the mid-eighties and they are 2*100 slides in one
   box instead of 2*50 (compact), and they got a special 'slot
   system' preventing them from falling out of the tray (safe)