[sane-devel] Printer/Scanner HP3300 locks-up when done

David Paschal paschal@rcsis.com
Fri, 03 Jan 2003 09:08:06 -0800

Rob Tanner wrote:
> Scanning works fine, but afterwards the printer won't print, in fact, 
> it won't even recognize print commands.  I end up having to power-cycle 
> it every time I'm finished with a scanning session.
> I presume that the software is putting the device into scan mode and 
> then failing to reset it.  Is this a known issue?  Is there a known 
> work-around?  Does anyone know the sequence I need to write directly to 
> the printer to reset it?

Hi, Rob.  Make sure you set up printing according to the instructions in
the hpoj documentation.  In particular, you can't just print to something
like /dev/lp0 or /dev/usb/lp0, because the low-level I/O driver which
allows you to scan (ptal-mlcd) has to have exclusive direct access to
the device.  Instead, you print to something under /var/run/ptal-printd
(for lpd) or using the "ptal" backend (for CUPS).

I hope this helps.  If you have any further questions or problems about
the hpoj software that aren't covered in the documentation, the hpoj-devel
mailing list (http://hpoj.sf.net/join.shtml) is the best place to discuss