[sane-devel] Re: usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout

Bill Moseley moseley@hank.org
Sun, 5 Jan 2003 07:12:36 -0800 (PST)

On Sun, 5 Jan 2003, A E Lawrence wrote:

>  > I made this change and ran
>  >   $ make modules
>  >   # make modules_install
>  > and rebooted.  Didn't seem to make any difference for my situation.  The
>  > timeout messages still happen -- and about the same rate.
> Sorry not to reply in the same thread: I had deleted everything before 
> realizing that you had not mentioned make config or make xconfig.
> You are sure that you had set CONFIG_USB_LONG_TIMEOUT? Otherwise you would 
> have recompiled exactly the same code as before.

moseley@bumby:/usr/src/linux$ fgrep CONFIG_USB_LONG_TIMEOUT .config

But I'm not kernel hacker.  I edited usb.c, edited .config, and ran the
two make commands as above.

Jan  5 06:56:01 bumby kernel: usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout
Jan  5 06:56:21 bumby kernel: usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout

Those are twenty seconds apart.  Hum, well I just changed it to 30
seconds, compiled and installed, rebooted, and still see 20 seconds
difference. Maybe a different timeout setting.

Jan  5 07:04:27 bumby kernel: usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout
Jan  5 07:04:47 bumby kernel: usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout

#define GET_TIMEOUT 30 
#define GET_TIMEOUT 3

Bill Moseley moseley@hank.org