[sane-devel] Epson 1250u vs plustek-45-TEST5

Gene Heskett gene_heskett@iolinc.net
Sun, 5 Jan 2003 15:39:47 -0500

Hi all;

The artifact is still there, but I have a more pressing problem, 
I've forgotten the location of the focus variable, at 600 dpi, I'm 
seriously out of registration.

Humm, might have found it, the comment says "sensor distance" & 16 
is way too high for my scanner, so I'm rebuilding it at 8.  Is that 
the right setting for your's Reinhart?  In which case we have a 
pretty serious production tolerances problem with this beast...

Humm, finished the scan at 600 dpi ok, small piece of the original, 
then segfaulted without showing it to me.  And thats all it says in 
the shell when it returned.  But I didn't acquire a preview first, 
just sent it to do that same scan again.  Restart, do preview, get 
segfault at end of forward scan.  I sure wish this thing would make 
up it mind.  Restart from icon, save prefs (again) first, preview 
works.  Restore teeny size & do 600 dpi.  Worked, and the 
registration is now spot on.  White line artifact still there.

I don't think this is quite "Ready for prime time" :-(  We still 
have that white vertical line artifact, and the segfault at the end 
of the scan seems to be somewhat of a coin toss.  Phase of the 
moon, odd/even minute, whatever.

Suggestion/feature request:  Can this thing get a focus adjustment 
made available in the gui, and saved in the prefs?  We no doubt 
have some users who aren't quite comfortable shuffling around in 
the source code with vi just to get the proper focus/registration 
for their individual scanner, and obviously from this, hard coding 
it isn't going to be optimum for everybody.  Mine was pretty bad 
when set for 16, but I remembered 8 was pretty good from previous 
testing, and it still is.

Cheers, Gene
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