[sane-devel] Genius HR7X

frares@netscape.net frares@netscape.net
Wed, 08 Jan 2003 06:12:07 -0500

Hi, Lucas, I'm also from Brazil.

I also have a USB HR7X (not "slimm", but I guess that's the same hardware basis) and just a few days ago I have asked about the development status of its drvier.

I am just a newbie in Linux, although I have some expertise in programming, I just don't know how to begin writing a program for Linux, except simple console things as file format converter for example.

Could you or anyone in this list (I know it is off topic, but I think it is a good place to ask this) point me to some resources on the net, including some sane related, where I could find how to do more serious programming?  I would love to contribuite with this driver, for example.


Lucas de Souza Santos wrote:
> Hi,
>      My name is Lucas, i'm from Brazil.
> This weekend i tried put my scanner (Genius HR7X slimm) to work, but
> didn't work :(
> So, i like to help in feedback about this scanner (maybe developping th=
> driver :).
> I'm use sane-backends-1.0.9 with usb-support (plustek)
> kernel-2.4.20 - SLackware-8.1
> usb support build-in kernel
> scanner support whith module=09(modprobe vendor=3D0x0458 product=3D0x20=
> Mother board Soltek - via8233
> Thanks,
> Lucas

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