[sane-devel] no scanners found (leo s3 scsi-scanner)

axel dammers triton10@web.de
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 22:56:40 +0100


I am trying to make my old SCSI scanner  Leo S3 work.

"sane-find-scanner" (as root) say's:
        found SCSI scanner 2LEO LEOScan-S3 1.10" at /dev/scanner
        found SCSI scanner 2LEO LEOScan-S3 1.10" at /dev/sg0

"scanimage -d leo:/dev/scanner"  or "scanimage -d leo:/dev/sg0" say's
(as root):
       scanimage: open of device leo failed: Invalid argument

"scanimage" say's (at root):  scanimage: no SANE device found

"cdrecord -scanbus" say's:
     0,2,0     2)  'LEO'  'LEOScan-S3'  '1.10' Scanner
    all other SCSI-IDs are unused

I am using sane-1.0.9-1 with SuSE8.1. This sane-Version should
supports the scanner.

Permissions on /dev/sg0:     640
Link:     /dev/scanner  -> /dev/sg0

The contents of /etc/sane.d/leo.conf:
     scsi ACROSS * Scanner * * * 0

Why does scanimage not recognize my scanner and why can't I scan ?

By the way, yast2 from SuSE-Linux don't know the LEO S3, only the
LEO FS-1130.

Much thanks.