[sane-devel] no scanners found (leo s3 scsi-scanner)

Frank Zago fzago@austin.rr.com
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 20:55:15 -0600

Henning Meier-Geinitz wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Jan 15, 2003 at 09:59:03PM +0100, axel dammers wrote:
>>It's right, the name of the scanner is  LEO LEOScan-S3.
>>Here are the output of  "SANE_DEBUG_LEO=255 scanimage -L":
>>[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of leo to 255.
>>[leo] sane_init
>>[leo] This is sane-leo version 1.0-9
>>[leo] (C) 2002 by Frank Zago
>>[leo] attach_scanner: /dev/sg0
>>[leo] leo_init: enter
>>[leo] leo_init: exit
>>[leo] attach_scanner: opening /dev/sg0
>>[leo] leo_identify_scanner: enter
>>[leo] device is "LEO" "LEOScan-S3" "1.10"
>>[leo] leo_identify_scanner: exit, device not supported
> Looks like a detection problem. I don't know anything about the leo
> backend, but here is part of the source code (backend/leo.c):
> static const struct scanners_supported scanners[] = {
>   {6, "ACROSS  ", "                ",
>    "Across", "FS-1130"},
>   {6, "LEO     ", "LEOScan-S3      ",
>    "Leo", "S3"}
> };
> So the backend expects spaces after the names but the SCSI inqiry
> seems to put a 0 after the names (?).
> You can verify that by running sane-find-scanner -v -v and looking at
> the SCSI inqiry. If there is a 0 after the names, that's the problem.
> You can try to modify the source code by removing the spaces after LEO
> and LEOScan-S3 to find out,i ft this is the problem.

Yes. That seems to be the problem. I have some scsi traces for that scanner, and 
there is spaces after the names. However the firmware version is not the same 
(3.01 instead of 1.10 here).

I that fixes your issue, I'll add an entry for it before the next release of SANE.