[sane-devel] microtek x6usb

organism@hydrophilus.com organism@hydrophilus.com
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 18:19:39 -0800

I am having difficulties getting my scanner to work with sane....
Same results with microtek:... as with microtek2:....

$ sane-find-scanner

# Note that sane-find-scanner will find any scanner that is connected
# to a SCSI bus and some scanners that are connected to the Universal
# Serial Bus (USB) depending on your OS. It will even find scanners
# that are not supported at all by SANE. It won't find a scanner that
# is connected to a parallel or proprietary port.

# You may want to run this program as super-user to find all devices.
# Once you found the scanner devices, be sure to adjust access
# permissions as necessary.

sane-find-scanner: found SCSI scanner " Scanner 636A4 1.40" at device

$ xsane microtek2:/dev/sg0

[opens license agreement]
[fails with: "Failed to open device `mustek2:/dev/sg0': Invalid


Any help will decrease my need to boot into Windahs. Extra, extra good

And I thank you.