[sane-devel] CanoScan D1250U2

Norbert LATAILLE norbert.lataille@m4x.org
24 Jan 2003 23:54:54 +0100


I saw the recent posting by Roland Jansen regarding the D1250U2 scanner.
If nobody is currently working on this driver, I may try to work on it. 

It didn't open my D1250U2 scanner to check what is inside, but I think
this is the way Roland found his information (?). 

Unfortunatly, there is no datasheet for the SQ009 on the WEB (the only
thing I found was a PCB schematic/eng spec from Philips to build their
own scanner - this SQ chip needs very few peripheral components !). 

I must admit that I have no experience in SANE development but I did
some network-protocol reverse engineering, and USB sniffy does not seem
that different. Looking at canonscanner.sourceforge.net sourcecode
(1220U), it seems that many things relies on : 
- the register list 
- the register access protocol 

I believe that the register list is extremely dependent of the SQ009
chip (do we know - and have drivers for - products which use a SQ00X
chip ? Checking for backward compatibility might help). 

Do you think that the R/W Protocol can be completely different from
other canoscan products ? 

Thanks in advance,