[sane-devel] Second draft of Scanner HOWTO for TLDP

Howard Shane hshane@austin.rr.com
Tue, 01 Jul 2003 17:16:22 -0500

Jonathan Buzzard wrote:

> The reason the parallel port scanner page has not been updated for a
> long time is the shear lack of new models coming on the market, and
> the difficulty of reverse engineering them.
> I would say that 99% of all new scanners are USB capable with a small
> number of SCSI and Firewire models at the higher end. It was the
> development of tools that allowed the action on the USB cable to be
> logged that enabled the big leap forward in USB scanner drivers.
Thanks for the info. Now that you mention it, if anyone could contribute 
a couple of sentences about any extra steps needed (if any) in 
configuring a firewire scanner I'd be grateful.