[sane-devel] PATCH: XSane hardcodes Netscape as browser

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter@gmx.net
Thu, 03 Jul 2003 19:06:35 +0200


for displaying HTML help pages XSane calls always the web browser 
Netscape and does not try another browser if Netscape is not installed. 
As newer distros do not ship Netscape any more (or they ship it only in 
boxed editions) it is often not possible to call the help pages out of 

Daouda Lo from MandrakeSoft (daouda at mandrakesoft dot com) has made a 
patch (for XSane 0.91) to use the BROWSER environment variable which we 
use in Mandrake Linux from now on as long as the problem is not solved 

I have made the patch available here


Oliver, can you apply it to XSane, so that the browser problem will be 
solved in 0.92? Thanks in advance.