[sane-devel] hp 2300c

Bertrik Sikken bertrik@zonnet.nl
Fri, 04 Jul 2003 19:50:25 +0200

gnawa wrote:

>>Can you post an URL to the full log, so I can check if the protocol
>>is really similar?
> http://gnawa.homeunix.org/2300c_preview.LOG
> http://gnawa.homeunix.org/2300c_scan.LOG

Good news, the transfer method is indeed similar to existing ones.
This means that it's quite easy to write some routines that read/write
from the internal scanner registers or transfer bulk data.

The perl USB log tool (originally written by Marian Eicholz) is also
able to make the logs more readable (with some persuasion).
I think the perl script is also capable of creating a file that can
be used to play back previously logged USB transfers.

Next thing is to figure out what each register does and write
a simple test tool. For example, write a tool that prints the
contents of all status registers and see how they change
with lamp on/off, scanner button pressed etc.

Try to capture logs under windows from several scans,
where each time a single scan option changes and the rest stays
the same, then compare the logs.