[sane-devel] Access to the ressource has been denied

franb@ibelgique.com franb@ibelgique.com
Sun, 6 Jul 2003 11:13:56 GMT


I'm getting this message whenever I try use my
scanner (it's a Primax colorado Direct 300). It's
getting listed without any problems by scanimage -L,
but when I try for instance scanimage --lamp-on, I'm
getting sane_start:access to the resource has been
It's the same when I try to connect via a frontend
(xscanimage,xsane). The frontend starts, it
recognises the scanner but when I click preview or
lamp-on, I get always the same message error.
I've never had this problem before on a Mandrake 8.2
or 9.0. It's only since I've upgraded to 9.1 that
this happens. Connnecting via saned changes nothing.
Off course I tried to connect as root, to chmod 777
on /dev/lp0, to setowner and group to root in
saned.conf and to set all the permissions in the
net.conf and dll.conf files to localhost.

If someone could help, or even give a hint, I would
be very thankful.