[sane-devel] Help with Nikon AF-10 ADF with AX-210 SCSI

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Thu, 10 Jul 2003 18:58:40 +0200


On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 06:41:19AM -0500, Seva Epsteyn wrote:
> I am having problems with SANE and Nikon AX-210 (SCSI) with AF-10 page
> feeder.

I have no personal experience with this scanner but maybe some
generic hints:

> Using scanadf I get no paper movement, yet scanadf tells me that
> it's working fine and continues to count up the page output. 

scanadf (and scanimage) just scan one image after the other. It's up
to the backend (umax in this case) to make sure that the paper is
moved. If the scanner has a flatbed and an ADF, there is usually an
option called "source" that can be used to select ADF.

> xscanimage gets as far as rolling the paper to the start of the
> scaning, then errors out with paper jam...

xscanimage can only scan one image whith every time you press the scan
button. If that fails, I guess it's a problem with the umax backend.

> Attached are the debug outputs with SANE_DEBUG_UMAX set..


> [umax] fast preview function   = 0
> [umax] DOR                     = 0
> [umax] ADF                     = 0

You haven't enabled the ADF when you used scanadf.

> scanadf: sanei_scsi.c:2066: sanei_scsi_req_wait: Assertion `req == ((fdparms*)fd_info[req->fd].pdata)->sane_qhead' failed.

Huh? That looks bad. But I don't think it's related to your problem.

> [umax] fast preview function   = 0
> [umax] DOR                     = 0
> [umax] ADF                     = 1

This time the ADF is enabled.

> [umax] send_shading_data
> [umax] shading-data sent
> [umax] start_scan
> [umax] do_inquiry
> [umax] ERROR: umax_start_scan: ADF paper jam
> [umax] trying to release scanner ...
> [umax] scanner released
> [umax] trying to reposition scanner ...
> [umax] not waiting for finishing reposition scanner

Looks like it fails right at the start of the scan process. Are you
sure that there is really no hardware/paper problem?

Otherwise I guess the author of the umax backend may know more than me
about that topic :-)