[sane-devel] XSANE ADF problem

priyag priyag" <priyag@newgen.co.in
Fri, 11 Jul 2003 18:12:20 +0530


 I m able to run xsane and am able to scan the documents through XSANE.
 But now the problem is that I am able to scan only single page through
Automatic Document Feeder. The ADF is not taking all the documents

 The problem which i could locate is that in the Setup menu the option for
Automatic Document Feeder Modus is giving as "None" whereas the literature
says it should have different values such as None, ADF etc.
 Mine is an Avision 8000S scanner. scanimage is working fine.

 I came to know that .....

  The ADF Modus needs the cooperation between frontend (xsane) and  backend.
 Some Backends do not use the options in a way xsane needs this.

 Can anyone let me know what options are needed and where i have to write
those options so that i can work with XSANE and ADF?

 Or is there any other solution.??

 I would be highly obliged.

 Priya Gupta