[sane-devel] Mustek 1200 UB on FreeBSD

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Fri, 11 Jul 2003 17:25:28 +0200


On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 04:59:40AM +0300, Alin-Adrian Anton wrote:
> I am going to change my scanner and I am going to buy a scanner which 
> 100% works fine with FreeBSD. Obiously, an USB scanner, like Mustek 1200 
> UB. I would like to verify if indeed this scanner works well with 
> FreeBSD and if anyone can tell, please tell me.

It doesn't. Well, you can scan once (or as long as you keep xsane
open) but not more. See the manpage:

       These  devices  have a hardware bug: Once data is written to them, they
       can't be resetted (toggle = DATA0).  That  means,  any  operation  that
       tries to reset the device will result in running into timeouts.

       That  means  that  this  backend will fail when it is loaded the second
       time in some configurations: E.g. using libusb,  (Free|Open|Net)BSD  or
       with Linux if you unload and reload the scanner module. The only choice
       is to replug the scanner in this case.

Better use a different scanner.

By the way: Don't use scanners that are supported by the gt68xx
backend. They don't work correctly with FreeBSD either (at least with
5.0, see man sane-gt68xx). In this case I suspect a problem with the
kernel. Some time I'll try a more current version of FreeBSD, maybe
it's fixed in the meantime.