[sane-devel] HP 7450C ... Need new patch

Thomas Frayne tomf@sjpc.org
12 Jul 2003 19:52:10 -0700

On Sun, 2003-07-06 at 07:21, Rene Rebe wrote:

> I hope you saved the file with you mail application - otherwise you
> might get problems due to whitespace / tab convertions ...
> If this fails I'll send an easier to apply and tested patch tomorrow
> ...

When I got back from my trip I read your note again, and realized that I 
should have saved the file containing the patch instead of using the 
clipboard to copy and paste the patch.  I tried this today, and got rid 
of the malformed patch messages.  However, the patch still failed.

I saved the email to avision030712.diff, deleted the extraneous lines, 
saved, and executed:

[tom@localhost backend]$ pwd
[tom@localhost backend]$ patch -p0 < ./avision030712.diff
patching file avision.c
Hunk #1 FAILED at 82.
Hunk #18 FAILED at 3053.
Hunk #23 FAILED at 3194.
Hunk #24 FAILED at 3215.
4 out of 25 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file avision.c.rej
[tom@localhost backend]$

I was unable to figure out what to do with the rejected hunks.
I'll send avision.c.rej separately.

Please send me a patch that is easier for me to apply.


Tom Frayne