[sane-devel] scanimage & epson with gamma correction

Iain Mac Donald iainjunk@freeuk.com
18 Jul 2003 22:29:37 +0100


I have been trying to use scanimage to batch scan some colour slides on
an Epson 2450 Photo. My purpose is to have a digital reference file for
every slide without having to interactively edit each image. Scans using
the standard settings usually appear too dark. I decided to use the
--red-gamma-table option as the --brightness option did not produce the
desired results. The command I used is shown below 

When doing this I get the error message

attempted to set inactive option red-gamma-table

As an alternative I tried to use the --gamma-table option (not listed
for epson) I received this error

unrecognized option '--gamma-table' 

The scanimage -h man page specifically mentions the red-gamma-table
option (and green, blue). I have also used the --gamma-correction 'User
defined' option at the same time which is accepted but I still get the
same error message. 

Otherwise everything works perfectly. Anyone have a working version of
this or know what is wrong? Is gamma correction unsupported? Any help
much appreciated.



scanimage -d epson:/dev/usb/scanner0 --format=pnm --focus-position
'Focus 2.5mm above glass' --sharpness 2 --resolution 600 
--red-gamma-table '/home/iain/.sane/gammatable.epson ' --source
'Transparency Unit' --film-type 'Positive Film' -x 28mm -y 40mm -l
38.5mm -t 7.8mm --mode Color > $fn.1.pnm

scanimage 1.0.12 


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