[sane-devel] scanimage & epson with gamma correction

Iain Mac Donald iainjunk@freeuk.com
19 Jul 2003 13:27:24 +0100

Whoopee! It works Thanks Karl Heinz and Henning.

Here are my findings.

scanimage -d epson:/dev/usb/scanner0 --gamma-correction 'User defined'


--red-gamma-table 'gamma table NOT referenced file'

The --gamma-correction option must come before --red-gamma-table (or
green or blue). Otherwise the response is 

unrecognized option '--gamma-table'

It doesn't even need to be immediately before just somewhere before.

The option

--focus-position 'Focus 2.5mm above glass' 

doesn't report as a problem maybe it just gets ignored. My scans do
appear a little "soft" compared to the original. This might depend on
how thick my slide mounts are and whether the default is to focus on the
glass or 2.5mm above it. For 35mm I don't use film strips.

Now back to gamma4scanimage...