[sane-devel] rference palette for Sane

Stefan Schlörholz stefan@schloerholz.de
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 21:42:37 +0200


when operating my scanner (Microtek ScanMaker 35t plus (slide scanner)) 
under Windows it was possible to scan a Kodak reference slide. Ther was 
a special reference aquiring mode (including selecting the type of 
reference slide).

Somehow this reference was saved and new scans are were corrected 
against this reference slide. The results where much better than using 
Linux Sane. I could not find any hint how to calibrate Sane using such 
a reference scan.

Is it possible to have the same feature as under the Windows application 
(BTW: it was not Sane under Windows)? Can I realize it or does someone 
with more know how needs to do that?