[sane-devel] Help with Nikon AF-10 ADF with AX-210 SCSI

Seva Epsteyn seva at sevatech.com
Thu Jul 10 19:44:40 BST 2003

> > Using scanadf I get no paper movement, yet scanadf tells me that
> > it's working fine and continues to count up the page output.
> scanadf (and scanimage) just scan one image after the other. It's up
> to the backend (umax in this case) to make sure that the paper is
> moved. If the scanner has a flatbed and an ADF, there is usually an
> option called "source" that can be used to select ADF.

Ok, I missed that, I do have to use --source="Automatic Document Feeder"
option, at least with the UMAX backend, I was assuming that utility for
ADF would enable that itself ;)

> Looks like it fails right at the start of the scan process. Are you
> sure that there is really no hardware/paper problem?

Ick, there *was* a physical problem, I apologize for sending the original
mail -- the transparent flip of paper that is supposed to route the paper
back into the output bin was no folder correctly!  It seems to work quite
well now.

Thanks for the help and the software..


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