[sane-devel] Progress on CanoScan D1250U2

norbert lataille nonal@freesurf.fr
14 May 2003 22:46:18 +0200

> Nice! Do you have a web page or ftp site where you can place your code
> and the information you gathered? So we could link from the scanner
> list to that page. Otherwise I'll just link to your mail in the
> mailing list archive.

Not yet, I would not call this driver alpha quality for now. It will
happen at one point.

> Is the information at
> http://www.mostang.com/pipermail/sane-devel/2003-January/017146.html
> correct?

Yes, this is exactly what I get.

> Depends on the mode you selected. Maybe it's easier to start with
> gray/8bit (if you know how to select the mode).


That's was I thought. I am currently testing 300-dpi modes in parallel
with 75dpi ones, it may help solving the issue.

> Another question is: what minimal features are expected by sane ? at 
> > least choosing scanning resolution ? choosing color mode ? setting 
> > shading data ?
> Basically you don't need to provide any options in a SANE backend (but
> the "number of options" option :-). To make the backend useful, it
> should have at least the geometry options I think. Mode selection
> (gray/color/lineart/whatever), resolution and maybe bit depth are
> useful, too.

Ok. It might help getting ready.