[sane-devel] (Repost one year later) My scanner is not yet supported :-(

Bertrik Sikken bertrik@zonnet.nl
Sat, 01 Nov 2003 18:22:52 +0100

Mario Giammarco wrote:
 > Hello,
 > I have a GENIUS HR6 USB scanner but with usb id 2004.
 > Unfortunately it is different from usb id 2007.
 > Inside the scanner I have found following chips:
 > P98003
 > 0022H

Plustek parallel port scanner chip. See

 > UT51C162JC-35
 > 9940

Not sure. Looks like a memory chip.
9940 is a date code. Year 1999, week 40.

 > GENIUS 04-43-006B
 > 9935

I would guess this is the main controller chip, but perhaps
the P98003 is already the main controller chip.

 > WM
 > 8143-12C
 > A4AH54P

This is the "analog front-end" made by Wolfson Micro.
Its main function is to do the analog-digital conversion.

 > UTC
 > 78D05
 > WL

Looks like a 5V voltage regulator.

 > 83AK
 > LM2595S
 > -ADJ  P+

Looks like some analog component. Stepper motor driver perhaps?

 > Please can you tell me if you plan to make a driver for this scanner or
 > if I can do something to help you in supporting it?
 > Thank you in advance for any reply.

I think the P98003 and GENIUS 04-43-006B chips are most important
in order to figure out how to control the scanner.

Kind regards,