[sane-devel] pie backend (OS/2)

Franz Bakan Franz Bakan" <fbakan@gmx.net
Wed, 05 Nov 2003 23:59:52 +0100 (CET)

Hi list,

there is a user who want's to use the pie backend.
I've tried to implement the thread-approach for OS/2 in this backend.
Now the scanner responds something but it still does not work.


scanimage --device=3Dpie -x 15 -y 15

the errorlog shows this:

(everything normal)
[pie] reader_process started
[pie] reader_process: starting to READ data
[pie] reading 1169 lines of 2550 bytes/line
[sanei_scsi] sanei_scsi_cmd: Reading PSRBlock->u.cmd.data_len=3D 2550
[pie]   0000  D0 DD E2 EB EA EA E8 E9 ED E2 ED EC F0 F1 F1 F2 
[pie]   0010  EC EF EF F2 F6 F6 F5 F1 ED F2 FC EC F6 F7 EA FF 
[pie]   0020  F3 FB F6 FA F4 F6 F4 F3 F8 FD F1 F7 F3 FA F9 F9 
[pie]   0030  FF F8 F6 F6 F9 F1 F6 FC F1 F2 F2 FB F5 F8 FC F8 
=F0 =E3=A6 =CA=D4  =D9=C8=CE=DB=FE=D3=DB =A6=DE=F5=C8=DA=CF =DD=D4 =D4=CB=
 =DD=D5=F5=FD =CC=AD=A6=DF=B1 =CD=B1=D4  =F5 =FD=F5 =B4=FE=D3=B4=F5=D5 =D5=
... (a lot more of this garbage total 2551 characters)
=C8 =CB=D0  =A6  =CB =D0  =A4=CD=CA =CD  =F0=E3 =F0 =C3       =F3=ED=D8=F4=
=E6=D8=DC=F9[sanei_scsi] sanei_scsi_cmd: Reading PSRBlock->u.cmd.data_le=
n=3D 2550
[pie]   0000  DE E5 E3 F0 EA EF E9 F6 F7 EB F2 F5 F0 EB EB EF 
[pie]   0010  F0 F4 F9 F6 F6 F8 F4 F4 EF F4 F5 F5 F8 EE EA F6 
[pie]   0020  F9 FD F5 F7 F8 F6 F4 F4 F9 F6 FF FE FF FC F5 F3 
[pie]   0030  F2 F4 F2 FF FF ED F7 FC F6 F2 F5 FA FB FC F0 FE 
=CC=D0=A4=D5=CB=F0=D2  =AD=D2 =DB=D2=A6=B4=FE=D4=DA =D4=F7 =A4 =D2=A6=D9=
   =D2=DF=A7=DF=CE=AD=F5 =D9 =A6=D9=F5=DD=B4=D9=DB=AD=D9=DB
 (a lot more of this garbage total 2551 characters))
  =CD=D2=CD=F0=D4=D0=D0 =CB =CC=CE=C8=D0=E3=C3=D0  =D0   =A5 =C1=D1=AB=A3=
=F6=C6 =A3=FF[sanei_scsi] sanei_scsi_cmd: Reading PSRBlock->u.cmd.data_l=
en=3D 2550
[pie]   0000  E1 DE E7 EF EF ED F0 EA F2 F1 ED EF E9 EC F2 F5 
and so on

anybody an idea what goes wrong?