[sane-devel] UMAX 1220S Fails to scan

bbeal bbeal@hilcozap.net
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 21:51:28 -0600

We have just upgraded from Win98 to Mandrake 9.1 on our computer that 
has a scanner attached to it.  The pertinent hardware is as follows:

AMD K6-2 350 MHz
Epox 51 MVP3E motherboard
SIIG Fast SCSI Pro (AEC6712S without bios)(atp870u driver - module)
UMAX 1220S with original cable

The system recognizes the scanner.  I have tailored the umax.conf file 
and dll.conf file and linked /dev/scanner to /dev/sg0 per sane 
documentation.  When I start xsane or GIMP/xsane, the scanner is 
recognized.  When I try to do a preview the light in the scanner comes 
on and nothing else happens.  When I check the syslog file, the SCSI bus 
has timed out.  When I kill xsane, the syslog file shows that the SCSI 
bus is reset.  But the scanner cannot be found now.  The atp870u module 
will not unload as it indicates that it is busy.  I have to reboot to 
see the scanner again.  I have not done any sane type of debugging.  I 
have seen similar problems in the sane-devel archives but no absolute 
fixes.  Can some one give me some help in finding the problem and 
getting this scanner to work under Linux.