[sane-devel] problem scanning slides with an EPSON 1670 Photo

Oliver Schwartz Oliver.Schwartz@gmx.de
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 22:44:59 +0100

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> 1. all b/w pictures are too dark

This should be adjustable via brightness / contrast sliders in xsane.=20
=46or best results you should use the sliders in the "standard option"=20
window, the ones in the main window will only modify the image data=20
after scanning.

It's possible, however, that these sliders do not work correctly for=20
the epson 1670. There was a problem reported for gamma table download=20
to the scanner which may cause troubles also for these settings.

> 2. the slide and film scan shown a pretty incorrect output (check
> http://eppesuigoccas.homedns.org/~giuseppe/scanner1670/ ) for two
> examples.

It seems that the scan area of the transparency unit is not set=20
correctly in the SnapScan backend, but this only explains the red=20
border on the right.

Another problem with the current implementation is the disabled=20
(because not working) quality calibration. A fix is known in=20
principle but has not yet been implemented.=20

> 3. the major resolution of 1600 DPI isn't available.

This problem has been reported several times, so it seems to be for=20
real :-) Unfortunately I've no idea how to fix it: To the best of my=20
knowledge the code for this in snapscan-options.c looks correct.

> I would like to help the development of this driver, so my
> questions: are there epson specs for this scanner, is there
> anything that I may do?

The basic command set is covered in an older spec for the Agfa=20
Snapscan 600. I'll send it in private mail.


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