[sane-devel] ECP Command sending

John Coppens john@jcoppens.com
Mon, 22 Sep 2003 02:10:34 -0300

Hi all.

I've been bravely trying to guess how the Alaris parallel port webcam is
working, and I wanted to do some testing. After a study of Parport
documents, I have written a small proggie that reads from the ECP port
fine, and even get the manufacturers and other data from the cam.

I do not seem to find anywhere how to use the parport calls to send (or
receive for that matter) Commands on the ECP bus. I am guessing all
transactions are done in Forward (or Reverse) Data Mode. Does anyone know
how to generate Commands (Fwd and Rev)? Short of writing manually to the
base + 0xA00 addresses?