[sane-devel] Coolscan2 IR channel problem

hans.klotz@tiscali.ch hans.klotz@tiscali.ch
Wed, 24 Sep 2003 13:13:03 +0200

The problem of missing image data was created with the following command:=

scanimage --resolution 90 --batch=3Dcomb%d.pnm --batch-count=3D2 --infrar=

The problem exists also without the --resolution option; it has been used=

to reduce filesize. 

Coniguration details:
Kernel:       1.4.19
Distribution: SuSE 8.1
SANE-backend: 1.0.12
Coolscan2:    0.1.8 (from CVS)
Scanner:      LS-4000 ED

Hans Klotz