[sane-devel] Mac OS X - xsane and Microtek Scanmaker II

Guy Brooker guy_brooker at mac.com
Tue Sep 2 09:48:03 BST 2003

On 2/9/03 10:29 am, "David B Brown" <david_b_brown at mac.com> wrote:

> Ok,
> so that worked
> G4:src/sane-backends-1.0.12/backend] dave% scanimage -L
> [sanei_debug] Setting debug level of sanei_scsi to 6.
> [sanei_scsi] sanei_scsi_open: device name /dev/scanner is not valid

That is odd, /dev/scanner doesn't exist on OS X, I'm not sure why scanimage
is repeatedly trying this. I don't see that effect with my EPSON scanner.

Mattias, Abel, any idea why /dev/scanner is being accessed ?

> device `microtek:u1t1l7' is a Microtek ScanMaker II/IIXE flatbed scanner

This shows that when your scanner is recognised, it is found by Mattias's
SCSI driver and not mine. This means that either my implementation is not
finding your device in the OS X io registry, or that the patch didn't get

Could you send your microtek.conf (I guess that is the backend you use,
rather than microtek2) and the file ioreg.txt created by

% ioreg -l >ioreg.txt

When you run this, make sure your scanner is plugged in and switched on.

(Best send them off list)


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