[sane-devel] Mustek 600 II EP working with SANE

James Perry jamesp at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Tue Sep 9 12:11:10 BST 2003

Hi there,
> Your patch doesn't compile here with latest CVS:

Oh well, it was my first time submitting a patch to
an open source project, so I didn't really expect it
to all go smoothly.

Sorry for the lateness in responding, I've been out
of town a lot in the last month. Hopefully soon I'll
get the time to look into the compilation problems.
I also found another problem with scanning at high
resolutions which needs fixed.

> Some scanners do linedistance correction in hardware. So if the image
> is ok (no colored stripes), this may be one of them.

Not sure on this one. In some resolutions the image
quality is pretty good (but the colours aren't
perfect), in others there is noticeable banding. I
tried all the different LD codes in the Mustek
backends and they all make it worse rather than

> Do you know if the 600 II ED is the same scanner and may also work?

No, I haven't heard of the 600 II ED.

I'll get back to you when the problems are fixed.


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