[sane-devel] Canon FS4000

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning at meier-geinitz.de
Thu Sep 11 09:29:53 BST 2003


On Tue, Sep 09, 2003 at 06:01:10PM +0200, eric at b.org wrote:
> about Canon FS4000US USB/SCSI film/diapos scanner

I've added the information you provided to our lists, see
http://www.meier-geinitz.de/sane/misc/canon-fs4000.html. When you have
a website or other location where you place information/logs/source
code for this scanner, I'll add a link to it.

> If someone is interested with the chips references I found inside, see 
> above :
> Malaysia
> 29F400TC-90PFTN
> 0208F59S

I think that's an EPROM or EEPROM or similar. Maybe the firmware is
located there?

> The next one :
> 0212EAI
> TMP95C265F
> F0025ZAE
> Japan

Toshiba 16 bit microcontroller. Google has some information.

> I've read the thread about HP4200, and I have the same problem...

It detects every scanner as a USB device. But as you want to develop a
new backend, you should use the SANE CVS anyway:

SANE doesn't include the hp4200 backend, so there is no problem :-)

> Finally, I've got a question : where can I find an example of backend ?
> For example, there is a file called usb-skeleton.c in 
> /usr/src/linux/drivers/usb, but what for sane-backends (found nothing in 
> sane-backend-cvs-snapshot)

Well, you have about 50 examples in CVS :-)
It doesn't really make much sense to write a template because the
backends are quite different. Most of the shared code is already in
the sanei functions. In your case, I'd have a look at one of the SCSI
backends first, at least if the scanner is really SCSI-over-USB.

What you really need for the beginning is to copy all the sane_*
functions to your new backend. Everything else depends on you :-)


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