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Mon Sep 15 12:25:08 BST 2003

I'm not sure about what to do with your posting:

1. Ignore it.
2. Reply with a  "Shut up you troll!"
3. Tell you that we need more information about what it is you
are complaining about so that things can get fixed (that is, as long
as it's a legitimate problem).

Given the fact that you are involved in open source projects ("Leader
Project Libertas Linux"), I assume that you know that people are
investing huge amounts of their own time to work on projects like Sane.
You just don't treat people who are giving you free stuff the way you
are doing it right now.
Therefore I lean towards option 2 on my list, but because I give you
the benefit of the doubt, I'll just ask you to give use a description
of the Sane problem you are struggling with.

Karl Heinz

> Please change logo from SANE to SANNE (Scanner Access Now NOT Easy).
> Modify also the image logo.
> Lercio Teotonio Gontijo
> System Eng.
> Leader Project Libertas Linux
> http://libertas.pbh.gov.br
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