[sane-devel] Canon FS4000

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan at buzzard.org.uk
Mon Sep 15 21:12:15 BST 2003

eric.bachard at free.fr said:
> an the chipset inside FS4000US  be a National Semiconductor LM98501 or
>  a LM98503 ? The to one I think are 10-Bits (18 ou 27 MHz) MSPS Camera
>  Signal Processor. 

Very unlikely. This scanner as I understand it is a combo USB/SCSI
scanner. Only a deranged loony would do anything other than have
the USB interface be some encapsulation of the SCSI commands. You
have to have the SCSI stuff anyway so doing anything other than
sticking a standard USB/SCSI converter chip in would be a very odd
design decision.

The way I would go about reverse engineering the protocol would be
to do something like operate it with Vuescan under Linux and have the
sg driver log the commands. Then repeat with USB under either Linux
or Windows and log the USB transactions. Then it should not be that
complicated to work out how the SCSI commands are encapsulated
in the USB.


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