[sane-devel] Problem with Canon n656u

Santiago del Roi santiago at brainslide.com
Wed Sep 24 23:51:01 BST 2003

I have a Canon n656u scanner which works fine on my Windows Box.  However,
I don't like using my Windows box (for obvious reasons) but all attempts
to get this scanner working properly under Linux (Mandrake 9.1) have
produced unsatisfactory results.  I've just upgraded to the latest sane
backends and produced the following images:


You see the virtical streaks?  Those aren't on the originals.  Changing
resolution and other settings has no effect on this.  Scanning these same
images with this same scanner in Windows produces perfect images.  The
Sane homepage lists this scanner as "Complete".  Has anyone else had this
problem?  Is there an easy fix?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

At night I dream of a world
where Windows doesn't suck.

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