[sane-devel] Alaris weeCam webcam

John Coppens john at jcoppens.com
Sun Sep 28 18:55:19 BST 2003

Hello people.

I have been experimenting with an Alaris weeCam (parallel port) which can
be had for very low prices on the 'net. I understand that there are quite
a few of these cameras around, Earthlink presented new subscribers with
these things.

I wanted to use this cam on board of a balloon experiment, controlled by a
microcontroller) and did quite a bit of work to get the thing working
(capturing ECP data, and I did get it to send me pix under Linux).

Not being an expert programmer, I'm not sure if I'll be able to write a
real backend or a driver for the cam, but if someone is interested, I'll
be glad to share the info I have here.

Of course, if someone knows more about the cam, or the QV108-02
Alaris controller chip, _I_'d be grateful for the info! Most of what I did
is just guesswork.


(This is part of a student project at the University where I teach, and
here's a bit of info on what I did with the cam - in Spanish though:


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