[sane-devel] SpoonSet beta driver

Thomas VIAL el_profesorfr at yahoo.fr
Mon Sep 29 11:33:12 BST 2003


I have put the very first SpoonSet package on my

It contains a port of the Windows driver + a frontend
program. The programs don't fit into the SANE
framework yet, it's still all proprietary.

If you own a scanner from Spot Technologies, you are
encouraged to download the package and give it a try.
Known possible names for the same scanner are MaxiScan
A4, ScanTak 2c/3c, MAG Innoscan; it has a proprietary
ISA card and is labeled MLDSF-600C & SF-600C.

You must compile the programs yourself. They run on a
2.4 kernel, but they may work with 2.2 too
(unfortunately I'm not too familiar with those version

Also, you'll notice I haven't had time to write good
documentation yet (it's really mean). You have the
following sources of info:
- the web pages (http://www.el-profesor.net/spoonset/)
-> general information
- the README file -> help on building & using the
- the source code -> for the inner workings; I tried
to be verbose

I'd like to hear from you if you are able to test the

Be sure to read the README file first! If you have any
difficulties do not hesitate to contact me by email. I
know that there are very few people potentially
interested so I can take the time to answer...



Si vos aist Diex !


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