[sane-devel] xscanimage font problem

Gene Stemple gene_s@vtc.net
Wed, 04 Aug 2004 12:04:16 -0700

   Posting the following info to close this thread.

Good news; made the problem go away (without really understanding
what was really wrong).

None of the suggestions regarding locale or utf8 fonts had any
effect.  But after upgrading the following packages from installed
version 4.1.0-16 to later version 4.3.0-1 the xscanimage screen
is now o.k.
   Upgraded packages:
    xserver-xfree86; xserver-common; xfonts-scalable; xutils.
     xfree86-common was already at version 4.3.0-7

It was not a problem unique to xscanimage; gimp 2.0 and even
xclock had the same symptoms.  In a "man" or "README" page
somewhere I noted that Xft changed significantly after ver. 4.2
so maybe that is related somehow.
I leave it to the Linux/X gurus to decide whether the Depends
list for "sane" and "gimp2" needs to show xfree86, and its
xserver components, all need to be >> 4.3.0.

 >     bad news is that the dialog window opened by xscanimage
 > is (mostly) unreadable.  The button labels are all there but
 > most of the characters are "mangled" so that I have to guess
 > what they say from the few characters, and context, that are
 > right.