[sane-devel] tstbackend (what/where is latest)

James A. Littlefield jal@alum.mit.edu
Mon, 09 Aug 2004 22:00:04 -0400

    Chinon DS3000 backend development is moving along to the point where 
I am testing it w/ various frontends.    Things seem to be fairly stable 
w/ scanimage, xscanimage.    As recommened in docs I am trying to use 
tstbackend which did not seem to be in the frontend source that I 
downloaded.    I found a copy of tstbackend.c on the net and have built 
it.    The tstbackend says its "BUILD 15" when I run it.      In 
addition to quickly showing some bugs in my backend,   tstbackend 
appears to complain about things which seem right to me!?    Before 
jumping into a detailed analysis of what is going wrong I would like to 
be sure that I am using the latest/correct version of tstbackend.    Can 
someone point me in the right direction?


Also thanks to Mr. Frank Zago for making the tstbackend tool.   It helps 
a lot w/ testing!