[sane-devel] Can't install iscan-1.10.0

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf@epkowa.co.jp
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 13:47:03 +0900

Adam Bogacki <afb@paradise.net.nz> writes:

> Hi,
>     what seems to be happening here ?
> I have an Epson Perfection 640U, and have apt-instlled sane,
> scanimage, xsane and  all other
> debian modules with 'sane' in them (except the 'devel' ones),  I
> downloaded the appropriate version
> of 'iscan*' from the sane website, untarred, cd'd into the directory,

Didn't know that the SANE website mirrored iscan.  Care to give me a
URL?  All I could find was a URL to our download service ...

> and './configure went well.
>     But the 'make' command is not working (below).
>     What am I missing here ? A scanner module in the kernel (which one
> ?), or a Perl or Python module ?

>From your make output:

>> imgstream.hh:42:18: ltdl.h: No such file or directory

Hence, install libltdl3-dev and rerun ./configure.

> Adam Bogacki,
> afb@paradise.net.nz
> aka "Frustrated Scanner" ...

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