[sane-devel] Canon CanoScan FS4000US project page & reverse-engineering techniques

Dave Burns sane@burnsorama.com
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 12:18:15 -0400

I've posted a page with my latest code for the FS4000:


The code on this page is not a SANE back-end. It's still a collection of
test programs. I have no Linux box but, although the code was written on
Windows with VC++, it's ANSI C and should build anywhere. Someone could make
a usable SANE back-end with the code and documentation currently there.

A while ago I asked people to post any ideas for reverse-engineering
techniques since it might help the group on the whole. To contribute what I
can, the page above has a link to another page containing some notes about
the techniques I used to make the progress that I've made so far. Please
feel free to comment and contribute.