[sane-devel] xsane-0.95 sourcecode released

Oliver Rauch Oliver.Rauch@Rauch-Domain.DE
14 Aug 2004 00:08:27 +0200


I just released the xsane-0.95 sourcecode.

There have been a lot of changes this time. Here is a short list,
the complete changes are listed at the end of this mail.

	- added undo function to viewer
	- several small improvements of the viewer
	- several changes for viewer menus and icons
	- use internal viewer in fax mode to display scanned pages
	- use internal viewer in email mode to display images
	- some changes for xsane main window menues
	- some little bugfixes
	- new: hungarian translation
	- several internal improvements that are needed for
	  some planned new features

You find xsane on http://www.xsane.org
Please use a mirror for download.

Best regards

Complete list of changes:

 - For xsane-win32 the xsane icon is added to the windows ressource of
   added definition of XSANE_ICON=xsane-icon.opc to configure[.in]
   added creation rule of xsane-icon.opc to src/Makefile[.in]

 - in xsane_back_gtk_value_update: removed rounding (+ 0.5) in case

 - changed menues in the xsane main dialog:
   - added new menu "Window"
   - moved Window menue entries form "View" to "Window"
   - moved "Show resolution list" entry from menu "Preferences" to 
   - moved "Update policy" entry from menu "Preferences" to "View"
   - moved "Length unit" entry from menu "Preferences" to "View"

 - added test if resolution list is displayed or scale is displayed in
   xsane_resolution_timer_callback(). Without this test it sometimes
   happened that pressing CTRL+L (Swap show resolution list) caused a
   segfault because the timer callback was executed in a moment where   
   the adjustment is not valid

 - added: if (???->window)
   before each: gdk_window_process_updates(???->window)
   in xsane-gamma.c, this made problems with gtk+2.x
 - when a postscript file is added to a faxproject then the original 
   name of the file is also used in the faxproject now. The pagecounter
   is still increased!
 - fax fine mode selection is stored in preferences now
 - handling of viewer filenames changed:
   - when an image is saved in the viewer then the viewer shows the 
     filename in the window title and the viewer remembers the filename
   - when the image has been changed after it has been saved then the
     filename in the window title is shown in brackets
   - when the filename ends with a number (counter) then the number is
     automatically increased when the file is saved
   - when a saved image is cloned then the suggested filename of the
     cloned image is clone-of-"old-filename"
 - viewer: added support for different modification restrictions
     (some filters allowed but keep size, e.g. fax)
   - VIEWER_NO_NAME_MODIFICATION (use given name, e.g. fax, mail)
 - added undo function (1 step) to viewer
 - changed menues in the xsane viewer dialog:
   - added menu "Edit"
   - added menu "Geometry"
   - moved Scale function from menu "File" to menu "Geometry"
   - added rotation and mirror functions to menu "Geometry"
   - added undo function to menu "Edit"
 - changed button boxes/icons in the xsane viewer dialog:
   - added button boxes equal to menus: file, edit, filters, geometry
   - added undo icon to edit box
   - moved blur uand despeckle icon to filter box
   - moved scale, rotation and mirrir icons to geometry box
 - replaced several "char buf[???];" by "char filename[PATH_MAX];"
 - changed fax mode:
   - scanned images are stored in pnm format
   - for each list entry there is a data and a type information now
   - internal viewer is used now for pnm-fax files
   - faxviewer is used for ps files
   - before sending the fax pnm images are converted into ps images
   - after sending the mail ps images are erased
 - changed e-mail mode:
   - scanned images are stored in pnm format
   - for each list entry there is a data and a type information now
   - internal viewer is used now for pnm-mail files
   - before sending the mail pnm images are converted into png images
   - after sending the mail the png images are erased
   - mail project status is translated now
   - BUFIX: end of email text is marked with 0 byte
 - added function xsane_viewer_set_sensitivity()
   - moved all gtk_widget_set_sensitive(GTK_WIDGET(v->button_box),  
     TRUE/FALSE); to it
   - added several gtk_widget_set_sensitive(???_menu, TRUE/FALSE);
     commands to it
   - moved almost all v->block_actions to it
   - now it should not be possible any more to crash xsane by closing
     the viewer while it is saving something
 - added info "reduce to lineart" to image_info + xsane-pnm-header
 - renamed viewer v->reduce_to_lineart to v->allow_reduction_to_lineart
 - save_image_as() now automatically reduces lineart images to pbm 
   before saving
 - new translations: hu
 - updated translations: de, es, ja, pt, pt_BR, sk