[sane-devel] Re: Hp 5370C and Sane

René Rebe rene@rocklinux-consulting.de
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 12:20:01 +0200


Hassan Abdin wrote:

> Hi again,
> Third message in less than 24 hours. Sorry for bugging you. The lamp of 

No problem - currently I have some free minutes.

> the scanner isn't working. What to do?

I'm not sure I understand your problem ... The lamp should be switched 
on when you plug the power cord into the scanner. Does the backend work 
when you acces is immediately when you power-up your scanner?

After some idle-timeout the scanner will power-off the lamp in order to 
save it's lifetime ... - the SANE/Avision backend contains code to 
detect this and power-up the lamp again and wait until it is warmed up 
again. Do you have problem with this use-case?

If your does only happen after the automatic idle timeout you should 
update your sane-backends to current CVS - because I fixed a bug in this 
code-path for your scanner. If you feel unsafe using CVS I can send you 
the patch for only that change (one-liner anyway).

Have fun,
   René Rebe