[sane-devel] Re: HP 7450C - Error trying to scan in powersave mode

René Rebe rene@rocklinux-consulting.de
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 12:35:30 +0200

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Frayne wrote:

> I tried to send this to sane-devel, but it never seemed to have arrived.  
> Perhaps it was because of the attachment.
> I have an HP 7450C scanner that works well under Windows XP.  I have
> been trying, off and on, for about eighteen months to get it running
> under Linux, with varying success.  Every time I try, I have to relearn
> how to get started, and something different seems to go wrong.  I am now
> running under FC1 with the kernel:
> I think that I have pinpointed the problem: the avision driver does not
> seem to handle the HP 7450C correctly when it is in powersave mode.  
> In addition, I have used the ADF facility in XSANE before, but now I
> have xsane-0.95, the documented way to use ADF does not seem to be
> available, and I haven't been able to find the ADF facility in the xsane
> program.  Where should I look for current documentation on using ADF via
> xsane?

I du not know what the documentet way of xsane is ... but maybe you have 
not selected "Automatic Document Feeder" as the Source?

> Finally, I have gotten images with scanimage, but they are slow and poor
> quality, and the same errors in powersave mode occur.  Are there any
> examples of using scanimage with this scanner to give me a clue on how
> to set the parameters?

There should not be any special parameters to tweak - the scanner should 
be handled just perfect without user entering magic values. So, is the 
image quality always "poor"? Could you send me such an image in private? 
If your scanners are not exactly convergent (some lines shifted) then 
this is also fixed in CVS.


> 8/15/04 21:37 Powersave on
> Suspect that avision driver is not handling this state correctly.

Correct - your 1.0.14 release version does not handle the lamp power-off 
very well. This is fixed in CVS for some time already - either update to 
CVS alternatively I could send you just the avision changes when you 
feel unsafe to use a CVS checkout.

Have fun,
   René Rebe