[sane-devel] DS3000 and xscanimage cancel problem

James A. Littlefield jal@alum.mit.edu
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 16:29:38 -0400


Thanks for the suggestion regarding Xsane vs xscanimage.   I have 
confirmed that xsane does not have a problem w/ cancelling scan so I 
guess this points to an issue w/ xscanimage rather than w/ the DS3000 - 
chinon backend.   Since you mentioned that this is an old problem I am 
assuming that there is an open bug already reported and will not add 
another one. 

At this point I am not aware of any backend issues after testing w/ 
scanimage,  xscanimage,  xsane, and tstbackend.    I have also tried the 
network access mode and things seem to work as well.    So....what 
should I do next?     Given the limited utility of  the DS3000 backend I 
am not sure if it makes sense to include it in the sane distribution.    
As such I guess it would be considered an "external" backend.     Whats 
the best way to make it available on the off chance that someone else 
also has a DS3000 still working.