[sane-devel] sanei_usb and libusb_timeout

René Rebe rene@exactcode.de
Thu, 02 Dec 2004 01:53:11 +0100


Henning Meier-Geinitz wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 02:54:59PM +0100, René Rebe wrote:
>>the default timeout passed to libusb of 30 seconds is quite a bit long. 
>>So recovering from errors is already quite annoying for some use cases. 
>>Now I have a situation where I expect an error to happen for some models 
>>and adjust the code-path of future commands due to this. An initial 
>>timeout for the error that might happen for 50% of the scanners attached 
>>is quite long ....
>>So I propose the hand libusb_timeout into the hands of the backend 
>>author. Does anyone see problems with this? (except of [tiny] API 
>>changes :-()
> That's a good idea.
> Maybe something like this:
> SANE_Status
> sanei_usb_set_timeout (SANE_Int msecs)
> {
> #ifdef HAVE_LIBUSB
>   libusb_timeout = msecs;
>   DBG (5, "sanei_usb_set_timeout:  set timeout to %d msecs\n", msecs);
>   return SANE_STATUS_GOOD;
> #else
>   DBG (3, "sanei_usb_set_timeout:  libusb support missing\n");
> #endif
> }
> That's completey untested.

I would even add the sanei_usb_get_timeout along the way and would 
commit it when it is used in my backend and tested to work.

I agree that it has advantages to keep this connection dependent and add 
seperate iee1394 and SCSI functions later, when they are needed (e.g. 
not unify them into one function).

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