[sane-devel] problems with HP 7450c

René Rebe rene@exactcode.de
Fri, 03 Dec 2004 10:19:50 +0100


Marcus Hufgard (Kalkwerk Hufgard GmbH) wrote:

>>> [avision] sane_init: Trying to find USB device 3f0 701 ...
>>> [avision] sane_init: Trying to find USB device 3f0 801 ...
>>> [avision] attach: (Version: 1.0 Build: 106)
>>> [avision] attach: using interrupt transfers for status reads.
>>> [avision] attach: opening libusb:001:020
>>> [avision] attach: open failed (Device busy)
>>> do you have any idea?
>> Openen by some other program - or the hpusbscsi kernel driver?
> Open by xscanimage, kooka or scanimiga -L

;-) I wanted to express that the file (/proc/bus/usb/001/020) is most
probably opened by some other program or kernel driver. That might be
either a defect one opening it by accident (gphoto, some DV video
cagpture thing, ...) or the kernel SCSI emulator hpusbscsi ...

The kernel hpusbscsi module is quite instable and will only work for USB
1.x and is therefore obsolet and should not be used, never.

When a user-space application does open the file "lsof | grep
/proc/bus/usb" should yield it.

Have fun,

PS: I have not yet tested my latest incarnation of the driver with a
flatbad device. I'll test it this evenint.

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