[sane-devel] xsane: segmentation fault

Martin Deppe Martin.Deppe@web.de
Sat, 04 Dec 2004 23:28:05 +0100

Dear sane-devel members,

I'd like to have some help on a sit I have right now, which is as follows:

I have the SCSI Scanner Avision 6240 and I have been using it since 
quite a while without any problem under SuSE Linux Versions 7.3, 8.2, 
9.0 and even 9.1 but under 9.2 I started to get a segmentation fault 
with it.

Does anybody have an idea what could cause this? I tried to use 
xscanimage and kooka instead with exactly the same result. So it doesn't 
look like it would be in sane or any of the other applications itself.

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